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Binary Options Strategy that works: Learn winning strategy
Binary Options Strategy that works: Learn winning strategy

UPDATE : Banc De Binary stops accepting US traders due to CFTC ruling. See Full Article.

Most, but not all, binary options brokers allow US citizens with US bank accounts to open accounts. Originally, binary options were illegal in the US. In 2007 the OCC (options clearing commission) made a rule change which allowed for binary options trading. In 2009 the CFTC started regulating brokers and Nadex was the first to offer a range of binary options from different asset classes.

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So much LOVE for binary art; what an awesome idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Am going to try something out with the nephew soon, once I figure out what to use for representation, heh. :)

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It worked, hooray! I am so glad you like this idea :)

I LOVE this STEM idea with ART!!! Pinning and tweeting!

Wow, all of this computer coding is my weak area! Thanks for sharing such a great idea!

option: Picking a pope to serve as sheriff - Religion News Service
option: Picking a pope to serve as sheriff - Religion News Service

Mobile Apps will get you trading from ANYWHERE!

Now imagine you could trade binary options on your Android, iPhone, or other tablet or mobile device. You’d be able to trade while you are at the office, if you have a job where you are not under constant supervision. You would also be able to trade overnight; you could simply place your mobile device on your bed stand and set up alerts to wake you at prime opportunities. You could find ways to utilize time you are currently wasting. While you’re waiting for the bus outside the café with free wi-fi, why not take advantage of that signal and trade binary options? Imagine how much more profitable you could be if you could take the best advantage of your time.

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Mobile trading makes it easier to fit trading into a busy schedule and to make good use of time you otherwise might waste. For binary options traders who are trying to fit trading in with another full time or part time job, this capability is indispensable. You will also find it very helpful if you live in a location where normal market hours fall overnight or at another time which you find inconvenient. By trading on your Android, iPhone or other tablet or smartphone, you are empowering yourself toward greater success with binary options online.

If you have been getting into binary options trading, one of the first things you are likely to discover as you are testing or trading live is that trading in real life involves a lot of awkward variables like time and location. How many times have you gotten home from work to check the market on your computer and realize you missed the perfect trade? How many times have you woken up in the morning to get online and realize that a prime trading opportunity passed you by the night before? How often have you been waiting at the bus station after work to get home and trade, thinking how much time you are wasting commuting instead of trading?

Please note these are not the only brokers that currently offer mobile trading; dozens of different brokers based around the world give you this opportunity. The reason we’ve highlighted the brokers above is that they not only allow you to trade on the go, but also offer a plethora of other excellent features and superior customer service. They have all proved themselves to be trustworthy websites on which to trade.

Thankfully you can, if you trade with a broker which offers you a binary options app. Most brokers have their own individually tailored apps for their own trading products, so you have to search for a broker that supports mobile trading. Not all binary options websites currently offer mobile support since this is an emerging market. Developing a mobile app does take some work, since the app has to display properly on a small screen. Here is our list of the best mobile apps for binary options brokers:

Top 7 IQ Option Binary Options Best Bonus App London
Top 7 IQ Option Binary Options Best Bonus App London

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Now multiply that kind of trade hundreds of thousands of times...

The next day, the stock exploded higher and we were able to scale out of our position fairly quickly:

Timing matters. And I do think we're coming into an inflection point for the stock.

I've been avoiding this for a long time. I didn't want to touch this topic.

By rolling "up and out," I get to stay in the position, take risk off the table, and have an extra 30 days of time left in the trade.

Now I don't want to get into too deep with the mechanics of this trade, but when you open a new trade, the market maker on the other side goes out and shorts the VIX futures market.

The VIX is now getting down to levels not seen... ever. The way we're going, we could see an 8 handle before Labor day.

Options Alert Service AMZN Daily Chart Weekly & Monthly Call & Put
Options Alert Service AMZN Daily Chart Weekly & Monthly Call & Put

In either case, you will still owe taxes at the end of the year, but you will not face penalties and interest.

The IRS provides a worksheet for Form 1040 ES. It instructs taxpayers how to estimate their taxes.

The potential penalties and interest of missed payments are bad, but they are nothing compared to not preparing for a tax bill at the end of the year. Recalculate the estimated taxes at mid-year to see where you are.

For example, if you miss it by one day, you'll get a penalty. If you’re out of the country and your flight gets delayed a day ... and you miss the deadline, you get penalized plus interest.

The IRS uses commercial service providers to accept card payments. According to the IRS, neither it nor these providers store card numbers. Providers typically charge a convenience fee, which appears on the card statement as a "Tax Payment Convenience Fee."

The Internal Revenue Service allows for quarterly estimated taxes to be paid with a credit or debit card, which is a convenient way to pay during the year. Card payments may be made over the phone, online or when e-filing. Benefits include:

School pick up, delivery service hold promising option - The Nation Nigeria
School pick up, delivery service hold promising option - The Nation Nigeria

The Percentage Price Oscillator (PPO) is a momentum oscillator that gauges the relationship between two moving averages. To compute the PPO, we subtract the 26-day exponential moving average (EMA) from the 9-day exponential moving average, and the difference is divided by the 26-day exponential moving average. What we get is a percentage that reveal where

The LinearRegSlope_v1 indicator for MetaTrader4 is a simple statistical method deployed in spotting the direction and strength of a leading market trend. The LinearRegSlope_v1 is computed via the Linear Regression technique. Chartist use this method in technical analysis to define if the market is in an upward or downward trend and also gauge the intensity

The Chaikin3s Volatility 92 lines l indicator for MetaTrader4 was designed by Marc Chaikin to define volatility by computing the difference between the high and low for every period. The indicator gauges the difference between two moving averages i.e. the 3-day EMA of the Accumulation Distribution Line and the 10-day EMA of a volume-weighted Accumulation

The uLinRegrBuf indicator for MetaTrader4 is a custom Linear Regression Tool. The indicator was developed by Gilbert Raff and is sometimes called the Raff Regression Channel. This tool is essentially a linear regression with equally spaced trend lines aligned above and below. The channel’s width is centered on the high or low that is extreme

The MACD Histogram forex indicator for MetaTrader 4 is a technical tool that is used by chartist to gauge the distance between the MACD and its signal line i.e. the 9-day EMA of MACD. The MACD_Histogram is equally an oscillator that swings above and below the zero signal line. The MACD_Histogram indicator was developed by

The Price and Volume Trend (PVT) forex indicator for MetaTrader 4 is deployed in gauging the price to volume correlation. The workings of the PVT indicator is similar to those of the Balance Volume indicator and shows the growing summation of the trade volume relative to the altering prices. The Price and Volume adds and

The Traders Dynamic Index forex indicator for MetaTrader 4 is an all-inclusive but at the same time useful indicator that is built on the Relative Strength Index (RSI), its Moving Averages and volatility bands that are built on Bollinger Bands to give market participants a better view of the most recent market situation. The Traders_Dynamic_Index_VISUAL_ALERTS

The Zig and Zag is just another version of the popular ZigZag. Although, not necessarily an indicator, it is usually employed in filtering out smaller price actions. The Zig and Zag tries to determine support and resistance levels, typical chart patterns i.e. double tops and double bottoms and obviously price trends. The calculation for the

Option Picking Service
Option Picking Service

“The relentlessness of the market has caught a lot of people off-sides,” said Purves. “It’s the nature of the beast and people who buy these products should understand this.”

— With assistance by Gregory Calderone, and Cecile Vannucci

“If volatility picks up and things move around more, it’s going to be much harder on those firms selling options,” said Matt Friedman, senior vice president of options trading at Convergex Group LLC, in New York. “They’re going to have a harder time outperforming as we continue to move higher and break out of range.”

Catalyst Hedged Futures Strategy Fund, the portfolio involved in the call trade, saw its net asset value tumble for seven straight days -- a stretch that coincided with the longest streak of gains in the S&P 500 since September 2013. The $3.4 billion fund, founded in 2006 by a former supply-chain management specialist named Ed Walczak and brought under the Catalyst umbrella in 2013, was down 13.5 percent in 2017 through Wednesday. It climbed 0.6 percent yesterday.

Suppose you think Apple Computer (ticker symbol is AAPL) is overpriced at $700 a share AND you believe the stock will drop in the near future, you can buy put options on AAPL. The strike price and the expiration month that you choose depends on how far you think AAPL will drop and when you think it will drop.

So, again, what is a put? Since put options are the right to sell, owning a put option allows you to lock in a minimum price for selling a stock. It is a "minimum selling price" because if the market price is higher than your strike price, then you would just sell the stock at the higher market price and not exercise it.

A put option is a security that you buy when you think the price of a stock or index is going to go down. More specifically, a put option is the right to SELL 100 shares of a stock or an index at a certain price by a certain date. That "certain price" is known as the strike price, and that "certain date" is known as the expiry or expiration date.

Here are the top 10 option concepts you should understand before making your first real trade:

The taxes on the put trade will be less than the taxes on the stock if you had purchased the stock at a very low price.

Trading Tip: Look at the graph at the lower right and note the shape of the payoff curve for owning a put option. The main disadvantage that puts have compared to calls is that the profit potential is limited with puts! For puts, the most that a stock price can go down to is $0 (think bankruptcy). So the most that a put option can ever be in the money is the value of the strike price.

Suppose you bought 100 shares of AAPL at $500 but wanted to make sure you don't lose more than 10% on this investment. You could buy an AAPL put option with a strike of $450. That way if the price drops below $450 a share you will be able to exercise your put option and sell your stock for $450. Please note that you don't "HAVE TO" sell your AAPL shares at $450! If the price in the market is $475 then of course you can sell your shares in the market at $475. That is why it is called an option--it is a choice and not an obligation.

Put Option Trading Tip: Why buy a put option if you own the stock and you think the price will decline? Many people in this instance would just sell the stock, let it drop, and then buy the stock back at a lower price. The problem with this strategy is that you would have a huge capital gain on the sale of the stock and you would have to pay taxes on that gain. If you just buy a put, that is a totally different transaction as far as the IRS is concerned so you would just have to deal with the tax consequences of that put option trade.

Trading Education Certificate

One major caveat to the entire "backdoor" Roth IRA contribution process, however, is that it only works for people who do not have any pre-tax contributed money in IRA accounts at the time of the "backdoor" conversion to Roth; conversions made when other IRA money exists are subject to pro-rata calculations and may lead to tax liabilities on the part of the converter. 13

The total contributions allowed per year to all IRAs is the lesser of one's taxable compensation (which is not the same as adjusted gross income) and the limit amounts as seen below (this total may be split up between any number of traditional and Roth IRAs. In the case of a married couple, each spouse may contribute the amount listed):

The Roth IRA was established by the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 (Public Law 105-34) and named for its chief legislative sponsor, Senator William Roth of Delaware. In 2000, 46.3 million taxpayers held IRA accounts worth a total of $2.6 trillion in value according to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Only a little over $77 billion of that amount was held in Roth IRAs. By 2007, the number of IRA owners has jumped to over 50 million taxpayers with $3.3 trillion invested. 3

However, where an individual makes a contribution to a Roth IRA while they are a resident of Canada (other than rollover contributions from another Roth IRA), the Roth IRA will lose its status as a "pension" for purposes of the Treaty with respect to the accretions from the time such contribution is made. Income accretions from such time will be subject to tax in Canada in the year of accrual. In effect, the Roth IRA will be bifurcated into a "frozen" pension that will continue to enjoy the benefit of the exemption for pensions and a non-pension (essentially a savings account) that will not.

Originally called an "IRA Plus", the idea was proposed by Senator Bob Packwood of Oregon and Senator William Roth of Delaware in 1989. 2 The Packwood–Roth plan would have allowed individuals to invest up to $2,000 in an account with no immediate tax deductions, but the earnings could later be withdrawn tax-free at retirement. 2

If a taxpayer's income exceeds the income limits, they may still be able to effectively contribute by using a "backdoor" contribution process (see #Traditional IRA conversion as a workaround to Roth IRA income limits below).

Congress has limited who can contribute to a Roth IRA based upon income. A taxpayer can contribute the maximum amount listed at the top of the page only if their Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) is below a certain level (the bottom of the range shown below). Otherwise, a phase-out of allowed contributions runs proportionally throughout the MAGI ranges shown below. Once MAGI hits the top of the range, no contribution is allowed at all; however, a minimum of $200 may be contributed as long as MAGI is below the top of the range (e.g., a single 40-year-old with MAGI $124,999 may still contribute $200 to a Roth IRA vs. $30). Excess Roth IRA contributions may be recharacterized into Traditional IRA contributions as long as the combined contributions do not exceed that tax year's limit. The Roth IRA MAGI phase out ranges for 2015 are: 10

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